Holistic Education

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School of Spiritual Growth Oriented Development (SOS GOD)

A unique, creative and exciting way of educating healers is in its beginning stages at SFMC. It is called The School of Spiritual Growth Oriented Development. (SOS GOD).

There are four unique aspects to the essence of SOS GOD:

1) Holistic integration

We encourage the growth of students not only through their heads, but also through their emotions, bodies and Spirits as well.

2) Incorporation of Arts in Curriculum-

We incorporate the arts into all studies, creating a more well rounded or holistic approach to learning. Various styles of learning such as auditory, kinesthetic, visual and sensual forms, are recognized, honored and integrated into the curriculum.

3) Importance of Community as Partners in Students Growth-

One very important focus of the education process at SOS GOD is the formation of community. We recognize that students do not grow in a vacuum and we invite kindred Spirits, members of SFMC and students’ families and friends to be part of their growth process. At the end of every semester, students share an artistic form of how they have grown with members of their community. Their community is invited to come and support their growth by witnessing this presentation/performance. This way, ones growth and development is not only encouraged, but sustained.

4) Internships leading to Becoming a Practitioner built into curriculum

Students of SOS GOD enter the program through the Web or Mandala of Growth. Upon entering, the students first course is a Sampler or what we call a Novice Sampler. The first year is similar to a college where students try out many subjects before they pick their major. After the Novice Sampler, the student chooses one of the modalities to study that he/she feels most drawn to.

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Once a student chooses a modality, he/she continues on into the Beginner ring.  When this ring is complete, the student progresses into the Intermediate, then the Advanced ring and then directly into an Internship where practice of the chosen modality is guided by their teacher. Once this ring is complete, they become a certified SOS GOD graduate and can work at SFMC (Spirit Freedom Mahditation Cooperative) as Divine Therapist.


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